i wrote you a beautiful poem


Thanks to the amazing Tseng Lan Hui I have my poem translated…

English version:
l wrote you a beautiful poem
that I tore in pieces.
You can possess my body,
But never the soul.

Chinese version:

não adoro que ele entre em mim


Não adoro que ele entre em mim;
não adoro que se passeie em mim;
não adoro que se divirta em mim.
Ele? Ele adora entrar e sair de mim:
sem remorsos, sem moral.
Mas hoje decidi retomar a posse da chave para mim:
E, agora, adoro estar a come-lo pedaço a pedaço para dentro de mim.

beau présent: elizabeth hollingworth


The sixteenth (03.09.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Elizabeth Hollingworth.

A girl,
a tango – latino night!
I gaze to a gaol!
I belong to her – an oblation.

I allow all:
to be beaten
to be eaten
to be a bait
to wait…

And waiting I hear
the hell.
I breathe the boiling air.
Breathing the lethal eternal
I hibernate.

In a rainbow lagoon
I battle an orange whale
to negotiate a birth.

We both agree:
the hell and I.

Hanging to the blowing
I grow…

‘Hello, again,
belle Elizabeth!’

An angel
with a brilliant bronze hair.
A heroine
in an elegant green bolero.

I not hate her when
I reborn
again… and again…
to bathing in her blaze halo.

To be together… a lethal reboot,
a genial waltz.

beau présent – second round


Since 08th August. I have try to publish a Beau Présent every single day.

18 – Rhys Hughes and Mark Lewis
19 – Jason E. Rolfe
20 – Mark Andresen
21 – nothing
22 – Adele Whittle
23 – nothing
24 – Hannah Frederika Lawson

I made others Beau Présents but they aren’t published on the site.

beau présent: adele whittle


The fourteenth (22.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Adele Whittle.

I wait
the late tide.
I wait
the white tail.

Adele Hi!
Hi! Adele.

halted awhile.

I tell
“The White Whale” tale.

Adele laid,
idle… awed.

The late dew tie Adele.
… wet Adele!
… lewd Adele!
I halted… the tale.

Adele waited.
I waited a wild idea…
I wail.

The late dew
led the tale lilt and
we lit the ideal idea.
A hell idea.
Ah, the heat!

beau présent: mark andresen


The thirteenth (20.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Mark Andresen.

A seaman and sand!
A sandman and sea!
Are Mark’s dreams.
Same dreams. Same dramas!
A dark, dense edema?

Sad! Sad!

Mark sees a reader,
a sneaks
and read… read.

Mark dreams a dream.
A masked Eden’s remake?
An arena,
a damask snake,
a naked drake,
Mark earned a ranked arena!

Mark’s a dear
Mark’s a masked dream maker.