pica by jeff gardiner

pica by jeff gardiner

pica by jeff gardiner

Pica, the first book of a trilogy that should be read.

Pica is an amazing story of trust and friendship between two very different people. Pica tells the story of a nature hater, Luke, and of Guy, who exudes wisdom and strength that make him one with his surroundings, and how both eventually develop mutual respect.

Pica isn’t only a book about friendship but and foremost a reflection about life; about the inhumanity that is growing more and more in our society.

It is a beautiful story that takes place in the gray and routine city and in a world that very few of us have had a chance to discover: the wilderness in our backyard.

Pica is beautiful, complex, forceful and always gripping.

Jeff Gardiner is undoubtedly one of the greatest storytellers.


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