rustblind and silverbright


There are books that I start reading with a passion that the next thing I note I’m at 30 pages from the end. So what I do? Sometimes I pause. I put it aside to perpetuate the flavor of the words any longer. This happened lately with the book Rustblind and Silverbright edited by Eibonvale Press.

I love trains and the parallel iron lines that extend across the horizon. I was born and live near the train station of Barcelos and maybe this is the reason for the fascination.
Still naughty kid, as should be any kid, I placed enormous nails in the rails as soon as I heard the whistle of the train and I expected that the iron wheels, heavy, round monsters, transform them into thin sheets of metal. I went to the rail bridge rail and thus that the train was approaching I descended some steps to the lower platform to dangerously admire the guts of the beast.

Rustblind and Silverbright is a spectacular anthology, with a special meaning for me. On a scale 1-10 I give a 20 smoothly. All stories are well balanced; discover new authors, rediscover acquaintances is always lovely, without forgetting the words of David Rix that can fascinate the fascination.

It is very difficult for me, for all this to make a consistent, articulate review. I can only say that Rustblind and Silverbright is a book I recommend, recommend and recommend.


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